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Welcome!  Use Application Launcher Editor to build customisable lists of your favourite programs; use Application Launcher to view your list and launch the programs!

Application Launcher Editor
Application Launcher Editor
Application Launcher
Application Launcher
  • Create lists to open programs, folders, drives and web links
  • Separate groups of icons into sections
  • Use for work and home
  • Conveniently launch your favourite programs, games and websites
  • Very easy to use
  • Customise colours, fonts, icon sizes, extra commands and much more!

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24th March 2017

Application Launcher (and Editor) Virus Free Award at Raritysoft.com

30th July 2013

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29th January 2013

25th February 2012

Application-Launcher-and-Editor- antivirus report at FileCluster.com

26th October 2011

19th October 2011

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18th October 2011

20th September 2011

Application Launcher antivirus scan report at softoxi.com

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19th September 2011

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18th September 2011

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