Find Yourself The Best Gaming Software


By Reed Terry

With the many different software programs available online for creating games, how do you know which one to choose? Below is a comparison of different programs to help you sort out the advantages of each and decide which one is right for you.


SmartDraw is software that allows for many different applications. It is highly versatile, and gaming is only a part of the whole. The core of the software is creating visuals, of almost any type. As the name implies, SmartDraw allows the user to draw through his computer, eliminating the need for manual drawing. It provides templates for the user to add shapes and other information easily, aligning the input to look professional and polished.

Good for: custom design and professionalism


Stagecast is innovative in that it allows the user to create games using visuals. No programming background is necessary, the user just clicks and pastes. It is unique also in that it is geared toward children, which shows how easy it is to use. It is designed to let children display and hone their creativity and sharpen their thinking skills. Children can use the software to create puzzles and mazes as well as video games and more.

The user can draw own characters or paste pictures from other sources. Some examples are: Ladder Mazes, where characters climb ladder and slide down slide while getting through obstacles; and Sokoban Pirate: users help pirates collect treasures that are scattered all over an island.

Good for: children’s games, expressing creativity

Adventure Maker

Adventure maker is an easy to use point and click tool that allows the user to create applications for Windows, PSP, and Mac. There is no background in programming required. Much of the software is free, including a drawing tool and music composer. The user needs to simply import characters from other sources and the tools provided do the rest. The software is therefore great for any picture-based games, educational software, and business presentations. It supports flash, special effects, sounds, animations, and over 30 file types.

The paid package comes with an icon editor, a tool for batch resizing and other great devices. It also allows using other languages.

Good for: adventure games and picture-based presentations

The Game Creators

The Game Creators have been developing their software for over eight years and are dedicated to providing the user with the necessary tools to create exactly what he needs for his games. They pride themselves on offering tools that are easy to use and soft on the wallet.

Good for: impressive-looking games those are easy to build

Game Editor

Game editor allows the user total control and complete ease of use. All the tools appear on the screen at the same time so the user has everything available easily at his disposal. The software requires no programming knowledge to make the games as easy to create as possible. The package also provides graphics, sound ability, images, animations, and music. An advantage they offer is that the user owns the complete rights to his game creations, and even provides an area on their web site where creators can sell their game creations.

Good for: serious game creators

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