Forum Archive - October 2009 to February 2017


About a week ago, I made the hard decision to retire the old phpBB forum. This was mainly due to having upgraded the site's PHP version to 7.1, which was causing havoc with the code, resulting in many error messages appearing at the top of many pages.

This in conjunction with the poor popularity of the forum lately prompted me to take action - archive the whole forum as static pages and start again. I regret the way I did it as it ended up taking many hours of work due to having to edit the HTML in thousands of pages, download a large amount of images and ensure everything works when on the website.

I used the HTTrack Website Copier software to download site. This worked well, but took many hours and I had to restart a couple of times. If I had more time, I would have looked into setting it up correctly beforehand.

Anyway the result can be found by clicking on the below link - enjoy!

Forum Archive - October 2009 to February 2017

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