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Sunday 26th October 2008



Last week, I had a week off work with my girlfriend - our first holiday together.  Here is some of what we did:

Monday 20th October

We went to the SEA LIFE centre in Brighton.  It cost around 12 for an adult and we parked in Madeira Drive, which is the road next to the centre, by the beach.  There is a good variety of sea life including tropical fish, stingrays, crabs and giant turtles.  The best part is probably the tunnel, where you can walk can under the large aquarium.

SEA LIFE Centre, Brighton SEA LIFE Centre, Brighton SEA LIFE Centre, Brighton
SEA LIFE Centre, Brighton SEA LIFE Centre, Brighton SEA LIFE Centre, Brighton
SEA LIFE Centre, Brighton

After this, we went to Brighton Marina to look at the shops.

Tuesday 21st October

Today, we went to the cinema and watched: How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008).  We thought it was funny and it had some good moments, but I did not think it was as good as other films with Simon Pegg, such as Hot Fuzz (2007) and Shaun of the Dead (2004).  However, I still would definitely recommend that you go to see it.

After this we had a meal at Blue India in Crawley.  The food was very good as always, however the portions are modest.  We have found it to be one of the best Indian restaurants in Crawley.

Wednesday 22nd October

We went to Butlins in Bognor Regis, West Sussex today.  We did not really know what to expect, as I had not been there for about fifteen years (when I was about eleven years old) and my girlfriend had never been.  We found that it was mainly geared towards children.  However the 'Splash Waterworld' was the best part and we spent a few hours there, but we wouldn't go on the rides again!  We then went on the go karts, but they cost about 4 and you only get 3 minutes.  My lap time was 22.28 and my girlfriend's was 25.51.

Thursday 23rd October

Today, we went to Bluewater in Greenhithe, Kent, which second largest shopping centre in the UK.  It has 330 stores including a very large Marks & Spencer.  One word of warning, if you want intend to take your camcorder to do some filming, like I did, don't.  I was told off by a security guard and made to delete what I had filmed and I wasn't even in any of the shops.  So much for a free country.  The architecture of the centre was impressive so I just wanted something to remember it by.

Friday 24th October

On our last day, we decided to go ice skating at Guildford Spectrum.  This cost about 13 for two adults including skate hire.  Neither of us could skate and we spent most of the time hanging on to the side!  However, we started to get the hang of it near to the end (mainly just being able to walk without holding on) by supporting each other and luckily we didn't fall over once!

10 Years of Martin2k Update

Morphboy has been promoted once again to an Administrator (congratulations Morphboy), this is mainly so he can set up a forum called '10 Years of M2K', which includes the forum 'Chain Letter Project', which he is managing (as mentioned below in the 7th October 2008).  However, the process has been revised as follows (from Chain Letter Project):

As you people can see, I've gotten my will through to make this happen. I've been describing how this is going to work several times before but I am putting it down once again so everyone is clear on this, because it WILL require everyones full co-operation!

First off, what we'll be starting off with is to gather applications. Only people who have applied to this project will be able to see the secret project section, and it is mainly to make sure that noone from the outside can use the addresses to each member that will be published there.

As I said, there will be a thread in the project section where you publish your address, afterwards it will be added to the big address list of all project members. You people might think that it feels a bit too risky to just have them lying around in the private section, but in fact a lot of people's addresses on here can and have already been found on the web, thus this will be the most efficient way for people to make this work.

IPB Image

Once we feel that enough people have applied, I will get myself a ton of cards and write one project members name on each one of them. After that I will be putting all these cards in a bigger letter.

IPB Image

Once I've made the big letter, I'll send it to a designated project member. The member will receive the big letter with all the cards inside, and what he has to do is to write something on each card meant as a personal message to the owner of that card, with their own personal handwriting and everything. I will also of course I will do this before I've sent the big letter to someone.

Once that project member is done, he will be reporting in to the progress thread where all the addresses will be located (I will update the thread to show who's next and so on). Once he's done that he'll simply retrieve the next address in the list (the person that is preferrably closest to him) and send the big letter to that person.

Once all members have received the big letter and signed all the cards inside, the last member will be sending it back to me.

IPB Image

Once I get the big letter, I will be calling it a successful project and take pictures of all the cards. Afterwards I will be sending each card to it's owner, creating a memory of a lifetime on Martin2k that will never go away, a personal greeting from all active members on Martin2k!

Does this sound awesome or what?

All you have to do is to apply to me by sending me a simple PM saying you want in along with your mailing address, and you'll be a project member and be able to be a part of this awesome project. smile.gif

So far 5 people are involved.

Tuesday 7th October 2008

Believe it or not, its almost been a year since I started this blog!  Time flies I guess.  Anyway, here's some of what I've been up to recently.


I've recently been looking at some of the old reviews in the martin2k Games and came across reviews made by a mystery person in the name of Sadie.  His (or her, nobody knows) reviews, which are often quite critical, can be seen on the following games' pages:

Do hard by Aaron Brammer

Real War 1.2 by Click Boy

BodyPit by mark.restall

Super Slaves by Daniel

Monkey Island by Joe

Flug The Slug by MASTER HOJ

Kill Some Red Things! by a22

Sbemail 0: netnavi by Harry Wood

Mushroom man by Mate` antunovic?

Hitman from Hell by A Smith

As you can see, they are well written and amusing, which led to him/her being a much talked about aspect of martin2k history.

10 Years of Martin2k

This has been posted on the Forum, but I wanted to write about it here as well.

Believe it or not, Martin2k will be 10 years old in 2009. As you may have read in the History of martin2k article, the exact date is not known, but I am going to set it for 1st June 2009 (Monday, 1st June 1999 was a Tuesday, which sounds reasonable).

I want to organise something for this momentous occasion.  I have been thinking about a meet up , but due to some people not living in the UK, this may be difficult, as indicated by the results of the poll, below.  I have created a poll with the question: "Would you be able to attend the 10 Year Celebration, which would be held in West Sussex, England in June 2009?" to find out how feasible this could be.  The results so far are as follows:

Definitely: 27.27%

Probably not: 50%

I don't know at the moment: 22.73%

So far it looks like a meet up may not be possible due to most people (11 out of 22) not being able to.  However, it may be possible for just members based in the UK to meet due to the cost of travelling abroad, which is prohibitive for many people.

Here are the rest of the ideas for the occasion people have had so far:


  • A 10 year movie shall be made (not 10 years in length)
  • A new 10 year skin mode for the forum (OBVIOUSLY)
  • We'll make 10,000 posts between us in one day for a laugh
  • Amazing webcam video about everything
  • Birthday card for you Martin lol
  • We'll all have special m2k 10 year badges in our signatures if we're a part of this etc.
  • We should get a card, and send it around to each other and all add our names or sommin


  • Make a song dedicated to 10 years of m2k
  • Meet-up in Sweden (lol)


  • the only thing YOU need to do realy, is come to my place and get well hammered!

Jesus Crayst

  • we should deff all make some ridiculous pictures and stuff

Morphboy had another good idea:

  1. Martin purchases lets say 15 cards and writes one different name on each of them (Joe, Hoj, Morphboy, Jag9, Ringlord, Martin Allen, Keith, etc)
  2. Martin puts all the cards together into one letter and sends it off to the first adress in the list.
  3. The next person who receives the letter, lets say Ringlord, opens the whole thing up and writes a personal note to all the people he wish to write to.
  4. After Ringlord's done writing, he puts them in a letter again (or maybe the same letter?) and sends them to the next person in the list.
  5. The sending goes on and on until everyone's done writing. When the last person is done writing on the cards, he sends them back to Martin.
  6. When Martin gets the letter, he will add them to his documentation in form of pictures of all the cards for everyone to see, and after that he will send each card to their respective owners.

So far people seem to like this idea.  Watch this space to see what happens.

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