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Please try Keep Track (version 3.8.8) by downloading the demo below.

1. From CNET

Get it from CNET!

2. From this site:
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In the demo version, you can only save up to 25 Artists, and each Artist can only have up to 3 Tracks.  Also batches are deleted when saving.  Click here to buy the full version.

Changes since Version 3.8.7 - 1 March 2012

Changes since Version 3.8.6 - 12 July 2011

Changes since Version 3.7.8 - 11 May 2010

Changes since Version 3.6.2 - 23 September 2007

  • Full information visible in the artist and track list.  The artist list displays the artist's name, number of tracks, website, artist ID and the time and date added.  The track list displays the track name, the filename, the play length of the track, the genre, the date, the track ID and the time and date added.
  • Keep Track Statistics added, which shows, amongst other things, the number of times a track has been played and the last time it was played for all databases
  • Changeable background picture displayed instead of blank space
  • Export customisable HTML report of artists, tracks, batches and Keep Track Statistics
  • Quick search at top-right of screen for a convenient way to search for a track name
  • Keep Track can now be registered to a user (whereas before full versions were not personalised)
  • Splash screen added
  • Aspect ratio fixed for pictures - no more stretched faces
  • Artist, track and batch IDs now kept static i.e. they do not change when deleting other artists, tracks or batches
  • Edit track details in its own window
  • Playing bug fixed for Windows Vista
  • Default font changed to Arial
  • Auto wild cards in search i.e. no need to type '*' before and after the word you want to search for

Changes since Version 3.5.7 - 21 August 2007

  • '<Choose batch to play...>' ComboBox on main screen, which is a quicker way of viewing and playing the contents of batches
  • Adding Tracks to batches is now quicker thanks to the new 'Add to Batch' submenu on the Track menu
  • Track playing toolbar added in the Search dialog box
  • Copy files and create shortcuts of MP3/WMA files from the list of search results to any folder
  • Some searches in the database are now much quicker
  • Bugs fixed

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