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Welcome to NoteBook, the program that allows you to store multiple documents and files in one file, which can be password protected.

If you have files of one particular topic that you want to keep together, this program is ideal.  You could also use this program as a way of archiving e-mails or other documents.

The types of documents (pages) that can be stored include Plain Text documents, Rich Text documents and HTML (web pages).  You can also store pictures, audio (sound and music clips) and files.  When clicked on, the pages are displayed in the page preview area.


Files such as Word Documents and Excel Workbooks can be inserted and can be viewed, edited and saved into the NoteBook file you are working on.

Import new images from your scanner or webcam/camera, with NoteBook's TWAIN feature.

Editing Rich Text documents is easy with the built-in Rich Text Editor:

Rich Text Editor

It is easy to get files into your NoteBook file and pages into your file system by using NoteBook's many import and export functions.

Read more about NoteBook's feature's here.

In other languages: العربية, Espaņol, 日本

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