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Here are some of the Features of NoteBook:

Import and Export:

  • Rich Text Documents
  • Plain Text Documents
  • HTML Documents
  • Pictures
  • Images from your scanner or camera/webcam
  • Audio
  • Any other file
  • Folders - all files will be imported as pages
  • Other NoteBook files

Password protect files - to keep information safe from others

Cut, Copy and Paste pages between different NoteBook files

Edit Rich Text Documents (with the built-in editor), Plain Text Documents and HTML Documents.  Other pages such as an Excel workbook or an image file, for example, can be edited using its associated program and then saved back into the NoteBook file.

Editing a page with an external program
Editing a page with an external program

Rich Text and Plain Text documents display hyperlinks as clickable links, which open in the page pane - NoteBook can be used as a web browser

Pages can be viewed as Large icons, Small icons, as a List or in Details view.  In Details view, you can see when pages were Created and Modified, their size and also a column that can be customised to hold any information you want.

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