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How to Buy NoteBook

Buy a copy of NoteBook now for only $3.99 USD.

To buy, firstly enter the name/organisation you would like NoteBook registered to and then click on Add to Cart.  You can then specify how many copies/licences you require:

Register NoteBook to:

This button will take you to the PayPal website where you can make a payment (*a PayPal account is not required - see below).  NoteBook activation instructions will then be e-mailed to you including a file to unlock the full version, shortly after the money is received.  If you want this sending to an address, which is different to the one associated with your PayPal account, please include this when ordering.

To view the cart without adding a licence, please click on the following button:

Thank you for your interest in NoteBook.


*If you do not have a PayPal account, you do not have to create one. When you are asked to login on the PayPal website, click on the 'Continue' link above the images of the credit/debit card logos:

Screenshot of PayPal website

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