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  1. Through normal usage, it is possible for NoteBook to access any of the files and folders on your computer that you would normally have access to with other apps, including those that may contain your personal information. NoteBook will not transmit or store any data that it has access to without your knowledge. Any transmission of data processed by NoteBook would not involve the NoteBook app itself.
  2. When accessing the web via NoteBook, the app itself will not transmit any personal data without your knowledge. You must take the same precautions that you would when using any other web browser.
  3. NoteBook or Martin2k does not store any information about users of the app when purchased via the Microsoft Store. When not purchasing via the store, Martin2k will securely store a record of your name an email address for the purposes of informing you of any updates to the app. You can opt to have this information removed at any time and it will not be shared with any other parties for any purpose. To have your information removed, please contact Martin2k via the Contact page.
  4. By using NoteBook and the NoteBook website, you consent to this Privacy Policy.
  5. This Privacy Policy will be updated as soon as any of the above information changes. Last updated: 1st August 2018.

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