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Welcome to the Tutorials section where you can learn more about how to create games including some advanced techniques used to create effective elements in your games.

Please feel free to send me tutorials so that they can be added to this section.  You can also post them to the forum and then request that they get copied to here.

Online Tutorials

By Kjelli (Forum Profile | Games)

Zelda Game Tutorials, Want to make a Zelda game? Look here!

By Morphboy (Forum Profile | Games)

Tutorial Games

The following games have been uploaded as tutorials:

Icon Game Made By Setup Size Documentation Screen Shot Resolution Information Feedback Rating
changing whepons changing whepons Liam Smith No 4.49 KB Readme Screenshot 640x480 Click Here 0.875%
simple random batles simple random batles Liam Smith No 157 KB Readme Screenshot 640x480 Click Here  
Real War TUT Real War TUT Click Boy No 334 KB None Screenshot 800x600 Click Here  
Street Smarts Street Smarts Lenny No 177 KB None Screenshot 300x300 Tutorial Click Here  
Static Engine Tutorial Static Engine Tutorial Jag9 No 390 KB Readme Screenshot 450x200 Click Here 85%
Static and fan tutorial Static and fan tutorial WaZ No 215 KB None Screenshot 640x480 Click Here  
Trail Tutorial by ZaRe Trail Tutorial by ZaRe ZaRe No 94.3 KB None Screenshot 640x480 Click Here  
Static Engine Tutorial 2 Static Engine Tutorial 2 Jag9 No 430 KB Readme Screenshot 320x240 Click Here  
Pixel Movement Tutorial Pixel Movement Tutorial Kjelli No 122 KB None Screenshot 520x340 Click Here 80%
MCI Tutorial MCI Tutorial Abaddon No 3.74 MB None Screenshot 320x200 MCI Tutorial, This shows you how to get MP3 songs in your game. Click Here  
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