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With Blog2k, you can create blog entries ready for uploading to your website.  Blog2k takes care of generating your HTML/PHP files and images (with thumbnails) with just a couple of clicks!  Ideally your server will support PHP, but if not, the three simple template files can be fully customised to work with any server-side scripting language.*  The easy-to-use interface takes care of generating most of the HTML you will need along with letting you preview your entry before generating your files.

Blog2k offers...

  • A simple interface
  • A way to easily insert commonly used HTML tags including with keyboard shortcuts
  • A way of instantly inserting pictures and generating thumbnails from images on the clipboard or your file system
  • RSS feeds so that your readers can keep up-to-date with your blog entries
  • A table generator with many options
  • Find and replace functionality
  • Easy generation of HTML/PHP files ready for upload based on simple templates
  • A list of files/images that have been generated in your local blog folder so you know exactly what to upload
  • A way to preview your blog entry before generation
  • A way of customising the font and colours used by the application

Download a demo now!

An example of the results
An example of the results
RSS feed
RSS feed
* If your web server does not use server-side scripting, you can still use Blog2k but you will need to integrate the navigation file (blognav.htm) with an iframe.


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