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What You Need

Creating the Homepage

Creating Hyperlinks

Creating Pictures

Publishing Your Site


This tutorial will show you how to create a simple website from scratch.  It will not show you how to layout a page (a very simple layout will be demonstrated) or what content to use, it will just show the structure of a site and how to publish it.

You can put any content you like on your site, which you think other people will be interested in.  You will learn here how to add links, and thumb nailed pictures, which will open the full-sized version when clicked on.

To create a website, you need a few things - you may have all of these things but not even know it!

What You Need

You will need the following to create a basic website:

  • A web page creator/HTML editor
  • A (file transfer protocol) FTP program
  • And most importantly, some web space to publish your site

Web Page Creator/HTML Editor

If you have Microsoft Office installed, you will probably have a program called Microsoft FrontPage.  This is one of the most used web page creators.  Although it isn't the best one, it is easy to use and can produce good results.  Another popular commerical editor is Macromedia Dreamweaver.

There are many free ones available on the Internet - a good place to look is

For this tutorial, I will be using Microsoft FrontPage 2000.

It is possible to write web pages using the Notepad program, which comes with Windows.  This is because web page files are in ASCII (plain text) format.  However, you will need a very good knowledge of HTML to do this.  See the How HTML Works tutorial.

FTP Program

FTP is the method used to transfer files from your computer to a remote server i.e. your web space.

Microsoft Internet Explorer can be used as an FTP program if you do not have any other one installed.  If you want to use Internet Explorer as your FTP program, you must make sure the 'Enable folder view for FTP sites' option is checked.  To check this, go to 'Tools' - 'Internet Options...' and click on the 'Advanced' tab.  The option is in the 'Browsing' category:

Internet Options
Internet Options

Web Space

Many Internet service providers (ISPs) offer a small amount of web space for use by their customers.  Unfortunately many people are unaware of this and it goes unused.  Check your ISP's website to see if yours offers web space.

Alternatively, you can find websites that will host your site for free (usually supported by adverts) or you can pay for the space.  For example, £2.34 a month will get you 250 MB of web space as well as a domain name and 20 e-mail accounts.  See the 1&1 Beginner hosting package.

You will need to know the FTP server name, your username and password for you to be able to upload files to your web space using an FTP program.

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