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Creating the Homepage

The homepage is the page that will appear when a visitor types in the URL (address) of your website.  Homepages must have a specific filename so that the server knows what page to send when people visit the website.  It will most likely be called 'index.htm', 'index.html', 'home.htm' or 'home.html'.  If your site supports PHP, '.php' can also be the extension instead of '.htm' or '.html'.  If you do not know what your homepage needs to be called, check with your ISP or hosting service.

E.g. the homepage for this website is called 'index.php', so when someone goes to, 'index.php' is loaded.

The first thing you need to do is to start FrontPage.  Put the name of the site at the top of the page and select 'Heading 1' from the Style list:

Entering the Site Name
Entering the Site Name

In the 'File' menu, select 'Properties...' and enter the site name in the 'Title' textbox.

Enter some text in the page - the home page usually gives an overview of the purpose of the site.  It is best to use styles rather than the font formatting options as the look of the site can be changed by using a style sheet.  This will create a uniform look throughout your site.

Click on the Save button.  You will need to create a folder, which will contain all the files for the site, ready for uploading.  Remember to give the homepage the correct name e.g. 'index.htm'.  All filenames should ideally be in lowercase and not contain spaces.

Creating Hyperlinks

We will be creating two more pages for this site - Links ('links.htm') and Pictures ('pictures.htm').  So that the user can get to these pages, we need to create links to them.  First, type the words 'Links' and 'Pictures' somewhere on the page.  Highlight the word 'Links' and click on the 'Insert' menu and choose 'Hyperlink...'.  As the files will be in the same location as the homepage, the only text you need to enter into the 'URL:' textbox is 'links.htm'.  Do the same for the Pictures link:

Creating Hyperlinks
Creating Hyperlinks

Save and close 'index.htm'.

Create a new page and save it in the same folder with the name 'links.htm'.  Type the word 'Links' with the 'Heading 1' style and set the title of the page as done in the homepage.

The Links page usually contains links relevant to the site, but we will not be doing that here.  Type the name of the following websites: Google, Wikipedia and The Internet Movie Database.

Highlight Google and create a hyperlink to ''.  Do the same for Wikipedia - '' and The Internet Movie Database - ''.

In the 'Target frame:' box, you may want to set this to 'New Window' so that the links open in a new window when clicked on by the user.

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