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Inserting Bookmarks

A bookmark marks a place on a document.  A hyperlink can then be linked to the mark so that when clicked on the browser will jump to the page and automatically scroll down to the mark.

To create a bookmark:

  1. Highlight words to become the bookmark
  2. On the 'Insert' menu, choose 'Bookmark...'
  3. Type the name of the bookmark.  Ideally it should contain no spaces.

The Bookmark Dialog Box
The Bookmark Dialog Box

To link to the bookmark:

  1. Highlight words to become the hyperlink
  2. On the 'Insert' menu, click on 'Hyperlink...' or press Ctrl+K
  3. In the 'Bookmark:' ComboBox, choose the bookmark you want to link to
  4. To link to a bookmark on another page, you will need to include the page name as well as the bookmark.  E.g. 'page1.htm#bookmark_name'.

See the A tag for more information.

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Date: Friday, March 16, 2007 at 00:32:33
Comments: Great! I've love this white page. Thanks for the help. I'm even using Windows XP and this still works with a few modifications Thanks again
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