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Microsoft Visual Basic

Visual Basic (VB) 6.0 allows you to quickly create professional applications for any 32-bit Windows operating system.  Released in 1998, and available in three editions (Learner, Professional and Enterprise) it became the most widely used programming language in the world due to it being easy to learn and use.

How to get Visual Basic 6.0

Unfortunately it is not possible to buy VB6 from retailers anymore, this is because Microsoft has replaced Visual Studio 6.0 with Visual Studio .NET, which includes an updated version of VB - VB .NET.  As this version is very different to VB6, many people still use VB6 as their programming language of choice.  If you are a user of VB5, migrating to VB6 is very easy as VB6 is an updated version of VB5.  Migrating to VB .NET is more difficult as there are many changes.

The best way to get VB6 today is to buy a second hand copy - eBay is probably the best place to try.

Microsoft currently still supports Visual Studio 6.0.  The latest service pack (SP6), can be downloaded from here.

How to get VB6 to work with Windows Vista

In Windows Vista, you may get the error message 'Error accessing the system registry', which can stop some of your projects from working.  The way to fix this is to right-click on the shortcut for 'Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0' in the Start Menu and choose 'Properties'.  Now on the 'Compatibility' tab check the 'Run this program as an administrator' box - this will give VB6 the privileges it needs to run properly.  Click on OK.

Now, when you run the program, the ominous looking 'An unidentified program wants access to your computer' dialog box will show.  Click on 'Allow' and VB6 should now run properly.

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