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Please e-mail me your projects and I will put them here (e-mails sent to this address without attachments will be automatically deleted).  This is so that other people can learn by looking at your projects.  If you have a problem with you project, send it here and people can send you an e-mail using your address.

Please send the project files only e.g. .vbp, .frm, .bas etc, do not send compiled files e.g. .exe, ocx.  You can send them in zip files.  Also you should write a description or instructions in the e-mail.

I look forward to receiving your projects!

# Date Added From Description Size Download
1 22/07/2001 David M. Camp I want to be able to type in the Item Lookup Code and press find and it finds and displays that record. (It does this, but won't find the Last 3 records. It gives me the EOF error. Now I can go into the database and add more records and it still won't find the last 3 records. Now I also have the same database with over 4000 items in it and when I try to use that database it won't work at all !!!

Now as you will be able to see I have used the same code for the Part Number also so it operates just like the Item Lookup code section does.

I have the top field Item Lookup Code field blocked out so that you can't change it. The rest of the fields I want to be able to edit. That is what the update button is for. Make all, if any changes and press the update button and it updates that record.

Please if you could just look at this and point me in the right direction.

219 KB
2 24/07/2001 Martin Allen This project allows you to replace strings of text in multiple files quickly; it was requested by someone in the forum.  Change the folder as indicated in the code.  When you run the program, the list will show all the files in the folder that you specified.  Type something into the two textboxes and click on the list to make the replacements.  To replace text in all the files quickly, click on the first file and hold the down key until the listindex reaches the bottom of the list.

This project requires the LBAPI ActiveX control.

1.94 KB
3 29/07/2001 Martin Allen This project is the same as the one above with one difference, it searches subfolders as well.

This project requires the FileSearch ActiveX control.

1.97 KB
4 06/04/2002 Annie UshasY Sir,

    The problem is I have to plot a graph.I have to calculate, and then plot graph.  I have send forms along with this mail. Form1 is for example. If you give the input then it will calculate and display the results in the listviewbox. But in the case of form2 I have got certain equation for each and every SA_NO. That is I have to assign,  like,  for the SA_NO (1,1,1) there  is a certain equation. From SA_NO (0,0,1)-(1,7,4) it takes the same equation. And from (2,8,1)-(2,11,6) its the same & from(3,12,1)-(3,15,2) its the same.Input for 'Cp' needn't be given  How do I do it?And how do I incorporate progress bar in this?

     And about plotting graph I have to take the values of power, temperature & flow of all the SA_NO and plot it .So it has to keep on changing with the input that we give.

 Would you please send it within tuesday? Its very urgent. Thanking you.



19.2 KB
5 12/04/2002 Martin Allen This project is a simple demonstration of how to get values from a list into a chart. This chart shows web site hits for two fictional site - red site and blue site. 3.56 KB
6 01/07/2002 Colin Harman A simple FTP file uploading program using Winsock. 7.61 KB
7 12/02/2003 Martin Allen A sample calculator project from the MSDN Library CD-ROM.  Added because of the high demand for it. 3.14 KB
8 13/02/2003 Keith Stanier A lot of people ask for a Scientific Calculator program, here are 3 examples. That I've downloaded. 132 KB
5.42 KB
5 KB
9 25/03/2003 Keith Stanier I made this program for a few years running under VB4-16bit using Cards.dll. I wanted to convert it to VB5/6 using Cards32.dll but I could never get it to initialise.

I made a request in Martin's Forum for any help with Cards32.dll. Martin suggested I download this other version. It appears that I was using the wrong version:

So I checked the version info. The download was:
Description: Entertainment Pack Cardplaying Helper DLL
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. 1981-1996
Version: 4.00

My cards32.dll:
Description: Cards Picture Library (32-bit)
Copyright Andy Zanna 1997

So here it is converted for VB5/6.

Pyramid is a card game that allows you to remove pairs of cards from a Pyramid of cards, when the total value of the two cards adds up to 13. Pyramid uses Microsoft's (Entertainment Pack Card Playing Helper DLL), Cards32.dll. There is no need to register Cards32.dll, just place it in your Windows\System folder (Cards32.dll v4.00 enclosed).

296 KB

Screen Shot

10 25/03/2003 Keith Stanier This VB5/6 program will enable you to see a files attributes. Date and time Created and Modified.

Company Name, File Description, File Version, Internal Name, Legal Copyright, Original File Name, Product Name, Product Version and Comments.

And allow you to change its attributes, Date and Time for any file. Providing you change its attributes from Hidden, System or ReadOnly. You will have to change its attributes before hand.

Apigid32.dll needs to be placed in your Windows\System folder.

Place Apigid32.dll in your Windows\System folder, no need to register the file.

49 KB

Screen Shot

11 17/06/2004 Martin Allen A very simple demonstration of the powerful BitBlt API function.  In this project, you type in the coordinates and part of the bitmap in Picture1 is copied into Picture2. 24.2 KB
12 06/12/2004 Martin Allen A demonstration of how to scroll controls on a Form by using the Vertical and Horizontal Scrollbar controls. 27.5 KB

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